Hans Norden

Hans Norden found his forte in problem solving; creating Authentic Solutions©for complex businesses whose leaders are confounded by new or unforeseen circumstances.

During his academic studies in business economics and philosophy, he developed a keen interest in complex relationships between means & ends and cause & effect among the component parts that constitute a business system.

While working as an in‐house management consultant at ING group’s head quarters in Amsterdam (multinational financial services), Hans received his professional training from Cap Gemini in Information Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Change Management and Project Management.

After founding his own consulting practice Anticipated Outcome, he studied distinct patterns by which established businesses fail, because he wanted to learn from their mistakes. Subsequently, he developed a proprietary program for executive development “The Missing Link in the Value Chain©”. This program forms the foundation for all of his consulting, teaching, speaking and mentoring engagements aimed at enhancing people’s critical thinking, creative‐and innovation skills.

Mr. Norden has been a key‐note speaker for organizations such as the Annual International Deming Research Seminar, the American Society for Training and Development, and The Institute for Management Accountants. He was a frequent guest at Catalyst Business Radio Talk Show and a guest lecturer at the School for Business Administration of the University of San Diego, and a Vistage International Coaching group.