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Lessons learned from John Boyd
The Fighter Pilot who Changed the Art of Warbusiness

Executives are faced with an increasingly dynamic and complex environment, which has the potential of stopping many promising careers. LEARN the winning creative, innovative ideas and theories with which the late Col. John R. Boyd USAF bucked the Military Industrial and Congressional Complex, and UNLEARN any of your self-imposed career stoppers.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write,but those who cannot LEARN, UNLEARN , and RELEARN.”   -Alvin Toffler

Who was John Boyd?

As a fighter pilot, Boyd was a maverick who literally wrote the book on air-to-air combat maneuvers. He created the first scientific model for analyzing aircraft maneuverability with which he conceptualized the F-16 fighter jet. In his briefings on maneuver warfare, he insisted on prioritizing people over tools and technology. Moreover, he redefined war as a moral conflict that stipulates a leadership imperative of getting into people’s minds. In short, John Boyd is America’s foremost military strategist.
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What makes this Conference Unique?

We have an impressive line-up of teachers, including long-time colleagues and friends of John Boyd who worked with him side-by-side at the Pentagon. They were instrumental in shaping, critiquing and refining Boyd’s briefings that he delivered hundreds of times, all over the country on behest of individuals ranging from the Secretary of Defense, Service Chiefs-of-Staff, and other very senior military leaders to congressmen and leaders of military war colleges, academia, the financial sector and companies such as IBM. These authorities on Boyd’s briefings and the thought patterns that are at the heart of those briefings, hardly ever present back-to-back at the same conference.

Executable Benefits

Forward-thinking business leaders who desire to capture the benefits of this unique conference are encouraged to enroll today and prepare themselves for learning …

Why Boyd’s trinity -People, Ideas, Hardware; in THAT order- is vital to creating a culture of employee engagement, loyalty, and trust that helps reducing the incidence of costly mistakes.

What the heck is an O-O-D-A loop and how it brings you massive success in adapting to new and unforeseen circumstances as they unfold, and thus accelerate your career.

How to perform “Asymmetric Fast Transients” and become the obvious choice for a loyal target audience while staving off competitors.

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